Thursday, March 27, 2008

A nod in the right direction

Okay so I don't think I inspired her but The Princess of Texas went and blogged the whole last week full on with pictures. She is amazing and does fantastic parties. Her website ( "sings", it's a favorite of George's.

Me on the other hand I had another regular day. George and I went to Jr's class and helped the kids paint t-shirts for the assembly in April. We also got to be "bike buddies" she really likes her seat now.

I think my allergies have turned into something icky in my sinuses I laid down at quiet time because I thought my head was going to explode! The pain started at my nose and went up over the top of my head to just behind my ears. It helped some and so did the cocktail of drugs I mixed up. I've tried some of everything and nothing seems to do the trick for much longer than an hour.

The orange guy is ...going. I put the dumb knee pads on twice and one is still higher than the other! Even ElCid noticed so I'll have to do it again tomorrow. The wig arrived today and I passed it on to Sandra. I'm okay with her doing the hair, I really do prefer the sewing. Now I'm back to the sewing!


Karen Valinda said...

Do I need to go to your business site to understand who/what the "orange guy" is?
in re: drug cocktails... Do NOT try singulair... the news today was full of accusations that it causes suicidal side effects for some people!

We love and miss you xoxoxox

The Lowes said...

We like zyrtec at our house, al of us take it, well not me but the kids and my austin do. And believe ME, in Texas you GOTTA have something good!!

thanks for the props by the way!!