Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Being a good example

So I took a trip down my blog roll tonight and only two people had a new post so I'm being a good example and updating with what I did today. No it's not very interesting but I'm doing it anyways!

I dropped kids off at school and George got to play "hopsok" with Jr and her friends, she feels so grown up now that she goes with me everyday

We were supposed to stay and help paint shirts for the assembly in April but the teacher is still sick so we went to JoAnn's bough the patterns I need (paid full price ACK!!) to make the orange guy

We got to Heddy's just before they opened but the owner who adores George the way EVERYONE should let us in early.

We bought pants fabric and Sleeping Beauty fabric

We had game time - our version of preschool this year

Got Jr., lunch, quiet time, tv time

Then once Fred got home we posted Alice who was heartily approved by her purchaser

We went to Sam's and got ElCid a chair and plastic mat for his home office and garbage cans and a new pencil sharpener and paper

Our last stop was Wal Mart and I bought quilt batting which Moga somehow made off with in her great escape and !!TADA !! a bike seat for George so I no longer have any excuse why I can't go riding. She also got her own helmet. I offered her a barbie/purple/butterfly one and a Lighting McQueen one, she picked Lighting McQueen.

We had Sloppy Joe's for dinner and George offered her "slappy jack" to anyone who looked interested. There were no takers.

I got Heidi - Shirley Temple (a new favorite of theirs) from Netflix so the girls watched that while I put together the seat. It was a little complicated but I won in the end.

I took George for a trip around the block and she liked it, she wasn't sure about it at first but by the end she agreed to be my bike buddy.

Well ElCid is putting them to bed (bless him) and I'd better get something done while I have the chance!

Now that you've read my boring blog you can be inspired to write something more entertaining on your own! (Hill's was rather entertaining today)


Okay this is entertaining my kids are practicing being homeless they are sleeping in the boxes the seat and chair came in.


Safire said...

Sounds like a busy day for you guys! I miss the store...

Karen Valinda said...

Sleeping in boxes, that'd be something their grandpa Bailey would have instigated when we (his children) were little... been there, done that!

I got tired reading your day... and you left out the part where you spent a while on the phone with your mom... and participated vicariously in purchasing tickets for her and Lucas to attend May's "event"! Couldn't/wouldn't have done it without you *o^


The Lowes said...

sorry, i'm back alive, you can go visit me now!