Monday, March 3, 2008

Library and Chinese

We eventually went to the library and the girls really enjoyed reading books and doing puzzles.

I dropped off my car and the people took a look at it and ... they will fix it for ...$900. That is actually a good thing! The guys at PepBoys in Vegas said fixing 1 problem would be $786. I'm having 4 problems fixed and I really don't think that the other 3 problems only add up to $114, Larry said the power steering pump would be about $450. I'm very glad I can get things fixed before I drive home. I have to admit it makes me feel safer about driving all that way.

Tonight we had dollar chinese for dinner and even the girls liked it! That is one thing Tacoma is great for.

Tomorrow I don't have many plans anymore. Nan and Buh are going to be in Tacoma to get some of Buh's stuff from the house here and to grab Moga..*sniffle* ...*sob*...*wail*...*sniffle*

They think it will take all day tomorrow to fix my car and possibly into Wednesday. That might mean no Seattle Science Center. We'll have to see how it goes.

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