Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm an Auntie!

Earlier today my sister in law M had her little girl! She is yet to be named and her hairline is very similar to her dad's :) but from my fuzzy cell phone pics she's a cutie!

We attended the ward I spent the most time growing up in and it was a lot of fun. Half of the people there know who I am and were very happy to see me and my girls. George who is notorious at home as the Diva Sunbeam complete with full on screaming tantrums was a doll for my old YW's leader who is now the Sunbeam teacher here.

The rest of the day has been low key and mellow. Tomorrow the plan is going to be taking my car to get looked at. Uncle Larry mentioned something that needed to be fixed that concerned him and I made the "mistake" of telling my sweet husband about it and even though the car has been making the noise for years (no kidding) ElCid is very nervous about me driving for 1000 miles by myself. My poor car seems to be a ticking time bomb of repairs. The heater no longer blows except at full blast (that happened just after Springville) and some cap gasket to do with the oil needs to be replaced (they told me that in Vegas) but that isn't the current problem. I realize that the most recent repair was my fault and could have been a lot worse but UGH! I'm supposed to be on vacation!!

To end on a happy note Congrats to M & N and baby girl!!!

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