Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gearing up for Southern ID & Northern UT

Which no offense to anyone attached to those places but they are drab and boring, at least from the freeway at 80 miles an hour. I do have to admit it is FAR better than scenic OR at 65 (no really).

Today at church in RS (yes I went and didn't fall asleep) they introduced one lady who was back visiting and asked about any other visitors, they had skipped me and I wasn't about to bring it to their attention but of course my Mom did and the lady conducting was like oh yeah...she looked like you so I figured it was your daughter and you've talked about her coming so much (laughter from the other sisters) that we just knew it was her. A true testament to my Mom's ability to spread the word.

My ward was rearranged today at home and it once again remained in tact they simply added another piece on. We'll see if I remain the CTR 5 teacher (I'm not sure who it will add to my class) or if I get another calling, unless it's in RS I won't mind either way.

I gotta get to bed I need lots of z's now so I won't be tempted to while driving. I'm sure I'll talk to some of you tomorrow!

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Karen Valinda said...

And my friends all said appropriately complimentary things about my daughter and beautiful grand daughters!

! ! ! Yeah surviving the drive, only slightly less boring than the stretch of 84 from just east of Portland to Nampa... THERE is a real snoozer, and reaching St George safely ! ! ! Hope I didn't spoil the suspense for any of your faithful readers ;-}