Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hello faithful readers!

It's blog post 100! No I didn't think I would really get this far either.

I did make it to Idaho but my Mom's fickle computer that overheats regularly didn't let me sign in to create a new post until now.

The drive from Portland to here was okay there were only a couple of moments when I considered myself truly insane to attempt this trip. We did miss Moga regularly and I got toffee nuts like she liked but they weren't quite as good without her.

We did find the park with the statues and I also found Klickitat street. We took a rubbing of the excerpt from Ramona the pest that was written on a marble slab. We took pictures of the street sign, and the girls with Ramona. Fred thought it was way cool but Jr. and George were mostly just cold.

We got here yesterday at dinner time and then I went out with my mom to visit some people and grab some ingredients for Sunday dinner. I talked her into buying the stuff for HD's yummy creamy Italian crockpot chicken. Hopefully it turns out as well here as it does in Vegas.

Today we slept in LATE. It was so nice. We went and met more of my mom's friends and we stopped at DI and found more books. It's easy to spend $$ on books when they only cost .50! Tonight there is a fundraiser dinner for the YW in her ward and then we're going to get ready for Sunday.

It has been a fun trip but George keeps asking when we're going home and I have to agree. I'm ready to go home.

Hopefully I can sweet talk the computer into letting me on again and I'll keep you all posted on our unexciting, slow trip home.


Hillary said...

YIPPEE for 100! I am so proud of you. I love reading your blog and can't wait for pictures of the trip.

Safire said...

Yay good for you! Who knew blogging could be so much fun, huh? Good luck on your trip home!

Karen Valinda said...

And it happened here, in our living room with the fan sending a breeze up your pant leg! ;-Þ

So, how do you know it is post 100? Quit laughing and just tell me so I will know if I ever get that far - thank you.

Rocko is here and I found one of his little brothers in the bottom of the washer tonight... we will be sending a nice box to my girls!

Congratulations on # 100, I am impressed!