Saturday, February 2, 2008

I want to quit Sprint!!!

So it was finally February 1st so I can finally close my Sprint account. I've tried to close it all down many times... when I called in December they said Jan 4th for 2 lines and Feb 1st for the other line.Why are there 2 expiration dates when we got all the contracts at the same time is beyond me. I was like seriously you people drive me nutty! So just to be sure before I transferred my # I called Jan. 4th and they were like noooo it's Jan 14th and Feb. 1st. On Jan. 14th I switched my main # to Verizon.

Why am I switching at all you ask? Well I've beat my head against the Sprint wall for nearly 5 years and I figure it's time to inflict myself with another company and Flo switched to Verizon so I need to switch there because I seriously talk to her 2000 + minutes every month and I need to talk to her for free. Also ALL of ElCid's family is on Verizon so I can talk to all of them free and I decided to make my beautiful Orange enV a business expense so the # will go up on my website once my web guy gets that done. (Ya know my web guy is very slow maybe I should have Sandra be my web guy and I'll just make her new dresses as a trade.)

Anyways back to the it was finally yesterday and I could call to cancel at long last but we had to change some of the access information and I had forgotten it and ElCid was at work and then his sister was visiting so I never got the info. Once he came home I got all the magic words I called today, but no actually I didn't have all the info and the obnoxious guy "helping" me on the phone was way snotty and condescending and wanted to know the answer to a security question because I didn't have the pin and I SO didn't know the answer and I don't think ElCid did either so I called him back again (yeah he doesn't know the answer to security question he didn't think he'd have to WE'RE CLOSING THE ACCOUNT!!!!!) got the very last piece of information again and called sprint again. After talking to 3 people (all of which wanted to know what they could do to retain my business and could they make me this offer or that offer) and being on hold for 21 minutes and 49 seconds poor Brad was next in line to receive my call.

Poor, poor Brad. Brad had the bad sense to be the first person in 21 minutes and 49 seconds to tell me umm you can't do this he has to because he's the primary account holder. Poor Brad got a very upset but very low volume rant about how I'd been on hold for a VERY long time and that I should have been told 21 minutes before that I wouldn't be able to do this and that I was VERY upset and my husband was at work today and didn't have 21 minutes to be on hold!!!!! Poor Brad got hung up on he's just lucky that was all that happened.

So I took several deep breaths called ElCid and told him that unfortunately it was all up to him. The savvy guy he is he managed to navigate their idiotic phone system with ease and breezed past the 3 useless people and the 21 minutes on hold and got the right live person rather quickly and told them we want to cancel and they said ok you'll be shut down on Feb. 18th at the end of your billing cycle....(totally p!$$3d silence) I am SOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!! What the $%&((^$@!$#^%&**^ was kind of my response. Since I'm not porting those #'s away I apparently can't cancel mid month and just get a prorated bill I have to pay for 2 #'s I don't use and can't use because the phones they go with are dead (one eats batteries and the other has no signal in my house) I get to pay for another 2 weeks of use I will NEVER get!!!!!!!!! And why was I never told in all my calls when I made it perfectly clear why I was calling, why was I not informed I couldn't quit mid month even though my contact is up!!!!!!

I just hope that talking to Flo for free will be worth it in the end and hopefully I will never meet poor Brad in person because he might just get run over by my car. I know it's not his fault his is the only name I remember.

ARRGGGHHH!! I just needed to get all that out and now I think I'm ready to start my day.

I didn't get dressed before President Hinkley's funeral which I really... enjoyed? (can you say that about a funeral?) I also saw the Glenn Beck you tube bit My Zanne forwarded it to me and I have to agree with part of what he said. When I heard the news I was a bit shocked (we all knew it would happen one day but it was still a surprise) but I wasn't sad. He finally got to go home and see his sweet wife he's missed so much and if he wanted to for the first time in ages he could just be still for a moment without the weight of the Church on his shoulders. I highly doubt he sat for long he - has the Rexburg Temple dedication tomorrow and I'm sure there was a lot to be finished for that. He was a wonderful example and taught me many things I should do better at in a quiet inoffensive way. Well I'm back in the mellow good mood I was in after the broadcast so that's all for now. God be with you till we meet again.


Linda said...

Oh ya gotta love automated phone you know you were absolutely justified in dropping their service. We will all enjoy talking to you freely.

redheadsmom said...

Of course talking to me will be worth it, who else do you talk to anyway?

redheadsmom said...

I want to quit the gym!!!!!

redheadsmom said...

I want to quit the gym!!!!!

Zanne said...

My honey's cousin works for Sprint, did I ever mention that? She says that they are trained to be obnoxious, no really, and that she will NEVER have a Sprint account because of what she knows. You should have asked how many stars you had...that determines how obnoxious they much money you make determines how many stars you have next to your name...I am NOT making this up.

Anyway, I am glad that you enjoyed the link. Since we were in SLC anyway picking up the missionary we attended the viewing. It was a very peaceful experience.

Karen Valinda said...

Now I can put them after AOL on my 'people never to do business with' list! The third guy that got me, after 3 MONTHS of trying to quit AOL, got a broken record, "I no longer need your service" and even accused me of not listening to what he had to say! I had already given him the names and ID #s of the previous two people... he shoulda known I was serious!
Hopefully he and Brad will never meet... better yet, here's hoping he didn't switch employers in the intervening years, assume a new identity and manage to 'assist' you!
Nah, no one deserves that.

Yesterday we woke to 3-4 inches of snow over the ice...JE left out the sliding door this morning and slid across the patio until the snow on the decorative rocks halted him... he was going to cut across yards to the bus stop as much as possible!
We have heat and defrost in Pugsie! hooray for Jake Koudelka! Nice boy, year older Beki. He insisted on buying the parts so we will be making him cookies for years to come. xoxoxox