Monday, February 4, 2008

97.5 Million

That is how many people watched the Super Bowl, and I was one of them.

At the beginning ElCid and I were deciding who to root for - I had a hard time choosing because I really thought it would be good for the Giants to win so Eli Manning could get his Super Bowl ring one calendar year after his brother but before him age wise. It has to be hard to live up to expectations and now he could prove he can do it. I also thought a perfect season would be cool for the Patriots since it hasn't been done since 1972 and all that so in the end I picked them. Obviously I should have stuck with the more sentimental reason.

It was a good game, a much lower score than predicted but about as close as the announcers thought it would be. I actually enjoy football probably due to many cold nights in high school rooting for my friends...and well Richard played on the team and any chance to see him in those tight pants mmmm. (I've decided that the high school me will always be in love with the high school him and that's okay.)

The commercials were all right but none of them as controversial as Doritos that one year, I missed part of them as I kept falling asleep because I was sick.

I still managed to make fun food and Fred decided that the baby taco salads (a Tostitos scoop with beans, salad, sour cream and cheese) ought to make another appearance sometime. I really wanted to try Papa Larry's tamale pie so we're going to toss out tradition and have it for dinner one night when I remember to buy all the ingredients.

Way to go Eli!


Zanne said...

Werty and I turned on the second half of the 4th quarter by happenstance, and ended up watching it to the end. I don't think I would have had enough patience for the whole thing, but the part we saw was really exciting.

Richard...The obsession strong enough to infect those around you. /sigh

Safire said...

Awww...hope you feel better! I also fell asleep for it but I have a different excuse. Juice said it was good.

redheadsmom said...

You must be forgetiing about the snickers commercial that one year! Where is your real post?