Tuesday, January 29, 2008

As close as it gets

I finished Mary Poppins today and I have pictures to put on my special request page if my web guy would just make one! But that is another story, in the mean time here are some pictures to enjoy.

I made the collar? tie? thing? half way in between Disneyland and the original. I was looking for other images of the dress today and some you tube footage popped up and it became apparent that on the original there is red ribbon under the lace there's not on mine or the Disneyland one.

You have to get close up to see the design but it's really pretty. I put a ribbon rosette in the center of each bow just for an extra kick.

The skirt I made on a circle because on close inspection of the reference photos you can see it's a crazy big skirt but few seams and very little gathering at the waist. I would have made the skirt a bit fuller but the cost prevented me from doing that!

I don't have a slip to put under the dress but hopefully the girl in New York will because it always makes me sad to have one of my dresses worn ... flat. Especially Belle it looks AWFUL!!!

My next project is probably going to be little girl dance costumes. A lady from the PTSO has a daughter in dance and she's asked me to give them a quote on 6 little girl dance outfits.

Okay I took some dress up pictures of Moga I'd like my web guy to retouch for my special order page. Until that happens here they are!


Karen Valinda said...

Awesome Ddonn! Totally awesome! I was impressed and THEN you have the shot with Moga and the umbrella and I became even MORE impressed ;-} Must tie in with my childhood memories, eh? (The movie came out when I was elementary school age, before we lived in Turkey)
With a puffy slip it will be stunning. I imagine someone has already cornered the puffy slip market...
Good luck with dance costumes and I will be in contact with your web design guy! Spoke to him too late last night to think he would be awake now but I had NOT read this yet, shucks!
Beautiful dress! Great job and fast too! I am happily 'astonied' that you continue to amaze me. xo

TheDivaMommyPrincess said...

Well, not bad if you like that sort of thing! ;)

Did you use my boning technique?

The Lowes said...

i like it...is this for someone who does mary poppins parties? i think i've only had that request like ONCE in all 4 years...it can't be THAT popular, is it?