Monday, December 3, 2007

Silent Night

Yeah wouldn't that be great? December has been here for 3 days and I'm still too busy!

Saturday we went and picked out Chaz Strawberry (aka our Christmas tree) while ElCid was on lunch break from Cruise Week (aka Gear Up /CPE).

we came home put him in his stand (He's tilty to one side but that side went towards a wall if he falls over.)

dropped Jr. off at a party came back

I put the lights on Chaz (Fred and George got the picture after 10 minutes they really ought to clear the room for that)

picked up the Family room (Hey who's coming over?, Why's the house getting clean?")

went back for Jr. (Why did you leave me here so long?)

came home made dinner (but let the kids eat popcorn and candy while watching Muppets Christmas Carol so they weren't hungry)

the girls put on an impromptu Nativity Jr. was the Angel then changed to the Christmas Queen Fred was Mary ElCid was her donkey, George wanted to play too and ran in shouting "I get to be the wise!" She cracks me up!

went on our Hot Date, this week it was looking for an elusive Sleeping Beauty crown at Target (no luck), Toys R Us (no luck), and Wal-Mart (well I'll be darned they actually had what I was looking for so I bought all 3). It did get more exciting than that but I'll spare you the details.

Sunday I did the usual finish printing up my stuff for my lesson

run around crazy getting the girls ready

make it to church with 2 minutes to spare (they have this evil plot to make me on time, sharing /singing time is first so I HAVE to be on time to sit with my Sunbeams.)

fight with people all through Sacrament meeting

come home lock myself in my room by myself for 10 minutes!

Sunday night ElCid and I caved into the begging people who want lights on our house...oh gotta plug them in...okay now we're we pulled out ladders and nails and went to put up lights it went okay until we accidentally dumped the whole box of teeny tiny nails, which was right after we realized that we had the plug end of the lights NOWHERE near the slot end of the extension cord and had to restring the lights the other direction. It was SOOOO cold. We decided maybe it wasn't a Sunday activity after all. :)

Later that night Elcid and I were watching TV in bed and we suddenly hear the TV in the Family Room really loud, we both go out to see what's going on and it's Fred and Jr. who have snuck out of bed to watch a Hallmark Hall of Fame Special we told them would go too late for them to watch. They got 3 days of no TV.

Today I got Sleeping Beauty DONE, Princess Beauty DONE (Mermaid Pink dress was DONE last week) and now I'm waiting on the payment and they are off to their new home, and I am DONE for the year!!!!!

Tomorrow Moga has 100 places for me to take her and I'm going to get wedding dresses started.
Now that I'm back from the PTSO meeting and more of my time has been donated to school life I'll finish this up! So now my life is free of dresses for money, I get to be a Mommy sewer for the next month. I hope I can keep my house clean!

ACK I'm turning into my MOM! I read her blog before I finished mine and we used a very similar format for our posts today. Help me before it's too late! Please let me keep my sense of style!


Karen Valinda said...

OK, so this is your MOM and I was noticing midway that you were echoing my 'style' and thought I was imagining it, until I reached the "ACK!" Relax, it is only because you had skipped so many days and were trying to 'recap' it all. If you write every day you will go back to sounding uniquely you! (Is that too transparent an attempt to get you to post daily?)

I promised myself I would only read, NOT comment... that it would NOT be cool for my boss to find me still in my house robe, hair uncombed,unshowered and obviously NOT ready to finish up that paperwork at the office.
I still love you best.

Hillary said...

OK So who doesn't have a million and one things to do in December. I want to know! And to top it all off I am playing tour guide until Thursday. That's right - it will be a full week of site-seeing and planning activities. (That is in addition to my calendar, Christmas presents, managing the apartment and being a personal assistant ... oh yeah and being a mommy and wife.) Who has all this time.