Friday, November 30, 2007

Getting in shape!

So there's that wedding in 23 days and I really don't want to be confused with either of my pregnant sisters in law. I lost 60 lbs last year and only a little bit has found me again. Flo and and Creeks wife are doing a little competition, they exercise 5 days a week a 1/2 hour a day. Any day you miss you put a dollar in a jar and on Memorial day the person with the least dollars in their jar gets everybody else's. Flo will win, she the most athletic, but Creeks wife and I have to give her a little competition. Nan thinks she wants to play too.

Tonight I was doing my favorite video I have memorized and my whole family decided to join me. I discovered that El Cid is very NOT bendy. It was amusing to have them join in but once their attention waned El Cid took them and put them to bed. It's so nice when he's around to help out.

I took pictures of the TV screen and jotted down notes about the moves to jog my memory so I can do it while I watch News and Jeopardy. I hate to be sweaty and I hate having only exercise to do. Yes Flo laughs at me. She enjoys sweating and running and being so icky she has to shower. I like to shower but sweat is gross.

Well I did it! I posted everyday for a month...should I keep going?

P.S. If you have 8 extra minutes you have got to check out my friend Safire's blog for today. Her blog is Juicey - Poo and his girls on my list. Her daughter Butterfly (2.5) "reads" The Missing Piece Meets The Big O by Shel Silverstein. It is truly amazing what a memory this girl has!


Karen Valinda said...

Keep going! You are an inspiration to the rest of us, even if you find the need to miss a day or so now and then, with the holidays upon us ;-}
Sweat is our friend! I mistyped friend twice there... first went for fie..., then fried, part of me doesn't feel so friendly toward exercise evidently! xoxoxox

Zanne said...

Yay! I finally have mint M&Ms! Kinda ironic, since you are talking about exercise. Oh, well. I go to the gym. Someone asked my local grocery store to stock them in their suggestion box, and they did! So, now that I have some, I am eating my bag from last year. :P

Safire said...

So I told Juice what you call my blog on your roll, and he said, "There are some things in life I could have lived without knowing." hehe...thanks for the plug!

The Lowes said...

I don't wanna talk about gaining weight because it's a subject that's too close to the surface with me.....blah