Friday, November 23, 2007

(Shopping for my) Family Day

It is amazing how much money you can spend before 8 am.

3am - wake up time!

3:15 - leave for toys r us / Mervyns

4 am - Mervyns opens - got some shirts for Fred, a few more casual dresses for Jr, a few church type dress for George (they are very short for size 3 so I might take them back), new PJ's for all 3 girls and 2 pairs of jeans for ElCid but one pair was the old size (oops) so I have to take them bac,k it WAS 4:15.

5am - Toys R Us (there were 4 police cars) - no joke- I grabbed the Optimus Prime toy for my Spare kid his mom asked me to pick it up, a baby playset for George and a bike for Jr. I think that the bike might be a bit big but she'll only get taller and we'll put training wheels on it.

5:30 - the SLOW back door people finally find the bike and get it in my car and we're off to Target

6 am - Lame-O people at Target (the police should have been there) but we got several movies (Gilmore Girls season 6 for 14.88), debit card monopoly, Fred's sewing machine (I'm going to try it out before I give it to her in case I need to take it back), a pillow like mine for Flo, and 2 vinyl mattress covers cause we keep havin' accidents (they weren't on sale).

6:20 - To the Mall- We hit Macy's first but their clearance wasn't as good as I hoped but I did splurge and get 3 fabulous dress that I rationalized it would cost the same for me to make them. I found a couple of tops for Fred and a few other things.

We checked out the Disney store but nothing was worth waiting in the line, we went to Bath & Body works, they were having just a regular sale but a nice excuse to stock up on Warm Vanilla Sugar. I went to Gymboree and they had the MOST awesome, darling dress but it was $50 and not on any sale at all. Boo. I found 2 camisoles for Fred & Jr to share at The Childrens Place and they were half off the last price marked so they were $6 total.

8:30 ish - we had a fashion show and the girls liked having extra people to show off to.

The girls loved their new clothes. Jr & George were thrilled when I went out to the garage and dug in the buckets to get out all the old clothes that are theirs now. When I pulled out the stuff for George I kept checking tags even though I knew I was looking in the size 3 bucket (yes, some parts of my life ARE that organized) because Fred was so more grown - up in my head when she wore the same things.

So how much did I spend? Yeah right! Not even my accountant knows that! But I saved about $650. As you can see from my list I stuck to what I was looking for and I didn't buy loads of toys my kids don't need, I will probably dislocate my shoulder patting myself on my back about that.

ElCid got himself an XBox 360 with an extra controller & Halo 3 at Best Buy, he highly recommends shopping there the day after thanksgiving.

To top the day off we saw Enchanted I was WAY skeptical but Disney pulled out a good one here and I have a new favorite Princess dress, (the green one she makes out of his curtains) even though she isn't really a Princess.(maybe I'll add her as a character...) It really was a movie for the whole family, we all laughed and it was a lot of fun.

Well my company needs me so I guess that's all!

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The Lowes said...

You are crazy!!! I wish I had the determination and will power to get out there and shop and save mula, but I just would NOT be able to pull my tired butt outta bed. i salute you! i didn't want to see enchanted, but so many people are telling me that it's good so maybe i'll have to make a trip to the movies this week, who knows. i'll keep an eye out for that green dress, i'm curious now!