Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Reality" TV

I'm a reality tv junkie.

ANTM, Beauty and the Geek, Survivor, Amazing Race, Apprentice, Hells Kitchen, Kitchen get the idea.

Sadly I only get 9 channels. I think my clients are very grateful for this and I know my kids are. To and from New York I got to watch 4 hours each way of HGTV, TLC, Discovery and a couple other channels I don't get at home. Someday I'll have a TiVo and 180 channels with nothing on, but for now I get to dream.

My favorite part of reality shows are the idiots who apparently DON'T watch the show they are appearing on. When the "private" interviews show shocked and confused contestants I just laugh harder.

I think my 2 absolute favorite shows semi qualify as reality tv, Jeopardy and Nightly News with Brian Williams. I've been to Rockefeller Center and wish I could have gone inside to see the studio. I have big plans to go watch Jeopardy be taped and to someday be ON the show. One time Alex reprimanded a girl in the 2nd row she apparently kept saying the answers loud enough for him to hear her. I have a feeling I'm going to need duct tape to keep me from doing the same.

Only 2 more days and I successfully posted everyday for a month!


Karen Valinda said...

It's Jeopardy buddy! Jon E has some really cool chrome duct tape we could let you use... he would probably want it back, the part you used, for a souvenir... especially if the camera showed you in the audience wearing it!

Reality TV gets to me because I always feel embarrassed for the dim things the people do, on camera, soon to be viewed by millions... I do like the biggest loser, but there again, shudder at some of the dim things they say.

Of course, that is probably why it is reality tv, eh? xoxoxox

The Lowes said...

ME TOO!!! I love batchelor and dancing with the stars and all those fun ones!! Don't feel bad, it's good entertainment!

Zanne said...

I admit I got really into Beauty and the Geek about two seasons ago. When the semi-finalist campaigned for his competitors to get the money because his partner was so awful, (shrewd, but awful) I was running down the hall giving Werty a play-by-play during the commercial break!