Sunday, November 4, 2007

The randomness of a regular day

I zested an orange for muffins tonight and I had a little group of confused people wondering why on earth you'd do such a thing.

We're watching Transformers but the girls aren't quite sure what's up with the robots, they do better with Princesses and are very excited about Enchanted in Nov. and Princesses on Ice in Jan.

We played Christmas song Pictionary tonight and once they got the hang of it it was a lot of fun.

I like the days when nobody has huge fits and we all just get along.

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VMom said...

I want to play Christmas Song Pictionary! We should do it when we are all there, Please. I cherish the memory/theory of regular days EVERY time I over schedule myself into oblivion. I am very glad they do exist for you on occasion, hopefully increasingly so ! love to all