Thursday, November 1, 2007

#4 - For the Tag

Okay Halloween brings up lots of memories of course so here are two things you probably know but the reason why is a mystery - we'll count these as one.

#4a I make sure specific shoes are part of my kids Halloween costumes-

In Ogden(3rd or 4th grade) my Mom converted a wedding/prom dress with hot pink shiny sheer fabric to be my Halloween costume but I got REALLY sick right before Halloween and I was so concerned I wouldn't get to wear my beautiful dress. On Halloween I couldn't find my shoes and I didn't even put on socks and hoped my dress would cover my feet. About 4 blocks from home my Mom discovered my no shoes and we had to stop and go home, my brother and sisters were so mad.

#4b I make each girl a new costume every year - I don't let them reuse old ones-

In Oregon (1st grade) there was a storybook day at school I thought it would be all sorts of fun to go as Cinderella before and then my Mom was going to bring my sister Nan as Cinderella after. When Cinderella after showed up in a fabulous dress with her hair all in curls and got all the oohs and ahhs I was LIVID. I was in my Dad's old t-shirt with patches stitch witcheried to it. Apparently the dress had been mine but I outgrew it, I still don't recall ever wearing it I just remember how mad I felt seeing her get all the attention in it.

No, I don't EVER let things go.

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VMom said...

Not only did Lindy wear the dress, with a homemade hoop skirt, but she designed it herself! She drew me a picture, I found a dress at Goodwill that had some of the desired features and cut it down to about a child's size 4/5 and made it as close to the drawing as possible, with considerable input from the artist herself. Le never looked as pretty in it as Lindy did because it was light green with white and Le was blonde while Lindy was a brunette(her bolder coloring set off the dress better) AND more importantly it was LINDY'S design so she was absolutely transformed every time she wore it!