Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Food! And lots of it!
 Fred chose taquitos and potstickers, Jr asked for cream puffs with chocolate filling (not pictured), George asked for mashed potatoes and gravy. ElCid picked chips and salsa. (I bought a bottle of salsa labeled "hot" and added 2 large jalapenos, 2 serranos, and 4 habeneros, it was just right.) I chose apple fritters, hamburger sliders, garlic bread pull apart, cheeseball with crackers, hot dog rolls, smokies in BBQ sauce, and deviled eggs. Hopefully I won't have to cook until Thursday!
 George's goal for the year - Get more Legos
Fred's goal for the year - Eat Pie
Jr's goal for the year - Read and get more books!
Jack-Jack's goal for the year - Get potty trained!
ElCid's goal for the year - Get outside more
My goal for the year - Be more organized!


An Wanna said...

Wow! Jack Jack is such a self aware and generous almost 2 year old! It's very kind of her to pick a goal that will benefit everyone!

An Wanna said...

Oh & tell George that her Uncle has the same goal! He wants Pirates ones - like the huge ship they don't make anymore and is $400 on ebay...

Lyndsay said...

Glad to see your still blogging!! I am starting this year out with trying to journal more!! Out off all the blogs I follow your the only one who updates it! Some haven't updated in over 5 years! I look forward to reading your posts!