Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Little Love

My Little Lovie still pulls my heart strings easier than the other 3. She was born on a Monday and this was all I had of her until Wednesday afternoon!
Then I had to leave her in that awful hospital for 3 days without me! There's a good amount of mayhem you can create and get away with when the first week of your life still makes your mom cry 12 years later. 

I had to write a letter to her English/Reading teacher back when school started (this teacher had Fred 2 years ago), here's what I wrote -

Dear Mrs. English/Reading teacher

    This is my letter all about Jr. All her, only her, no one else.  Can you tell she’s a middle child yet?

    Unfortunately for Jr her story starts with Fred being a rather high maintenance baby, before she grew into the darling child you know today.  When Fred was 9 months old I discovered our Little Lovie was on the way, I cried for 3 days. There was NO WAY I could handle another baby like Fred, and NO WAY I could handle another baby like Fred, with Fred around! I got over myself, dried my tears, and took a deep breath, there was no going back.
    Jr was due Nov. 13th. I was 32 weeks pregnant, with a 17 month old, and I was put on bedrest. Feel free to laugh, most people do. Bedrest when my husband worked 70 hours a week, we still didn’t know many people in Las Vegas, and I had a 17 month old. I managed to be on “bedrest” for 2 weeks. My birthday is Oct. 5th, it was a Friday, I chose to go out to lunch and have a little bit of fun. Monday morning at my appointment I was told that I’d be having my baby that day, I had developed Pre-E. I was sent to yucky hospital, freaking out, and at 6:35pm on Oct. 8th, coming in at 5lbs 2 oz and 17 inches long Jr. arrived. She was named after her Father’s grandfather. He passed away Sept. 14th from heart complications. She has my middle name. I was stuck in a bed across the hall from the NICU until Wednesday afternoon, when I finally got to meet her. She spent 7 days in the NICU and leaving her in the hospital still makes me cry.

   Jr. was the sweetest little girl, with the biggest eyes! They took up half her face. Fred really didn’t care for her much but before Jr could walk they were best friends. Fred doesn’t remember before Jr was around and they’ve been a package deal for 11 years now. They are very good friends, even though growing up in Fred’s shadow hasn’t always been easy. George arrived on the scene when Jr was 3. We moved to the house we still live in, but not far from where we lived pre-George. For years when we drove past the old house Jr would sigh and ask “Why did we have to have George?” She is my little rock and doesn’t care for change, at all. She does like that Jack-Jack (born mid way through Fred’s 6th grade year) loves her best out of all the sisters, until Jack-Jack breaks into her room and ruins things.

    Jr has loved school since pre-K. She is a people pleaser and does her best at everything, there is no halfway.  She loves her teachers and will do exactly what they tell her, down to the very last detail outlined in the directions, variations from the rules are only ok if the rule states variations are acceptable. She is a rule follower and has no use for people who disregard rules as the LAW.

    Jr has Pinterest boards full of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Ariel - memes, drawings, quotes and GIFs. She is very dedicated to the characters that she loves. Jr wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up, she loves the ocean and learning about it. She also loves rocks, and has an every growing collection. Our trip to the Grand Canyon rivals our trips to Disneyland. Jr is very sensitive to other people’s needs and feelings. She loves to see people happy and will do a lot to make them happy. At Christmas she will bring everyone their presents and watch them open them before she opens her own presents.
   Jr is my Love. She is my one kid I have a hard time watching grow up. I worry that the world will hurt her and then she will be sad, and I will have to hurt someone.

Hopefully this helps you know My Jr better and I hope you have fun this year!


Jr is 5'3" and I'm pretty sure she's going to be taller than Fred. She's enjoying 6th grade, but all the extra homework tends to stress her out. She takes theater class and is SUPER excited to be going to Young Women's, finally! She had to give up dance because there wasn't a class that fit her schedule.

 She's going to be Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph for Halloween

Happy Birthday Jr!! We love you!

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Kathy said...

Beautiful! I love the costume. Jr was the tiniest baby I had every seen in real life (besides the one-pounder that was next to her in the NICU). Now, you would never know. And she will most definitely be taller than Fred.