Thursday, July 11, 2013


Jr has been asking for her hair to be thinned, trimmed and for her face to be framed for a while now. Last week she was twirling her finger in her hair and made a giant knot I had to cut out. Her hair really is shorter on one side, it's not an illusion. 
(The face is because the sun was too bright)

George has been wanting short hair and patiently waited until recital was over, it's been 3 weeks, her patience has worn out. 
(To avoid another fit I just had her keep her eyes closed)

So they got their hair cut. 

Jr now has even, "thin", cute hair. 
And George has her short hair, and looks all grown up. 
I suppose it's time since she's going to be in 4th grade this fall.
Fred isn't interested in her hair being evened out as it grows, I tackle her and do it periodically. Jack-Jack still can't say "Cut my hair please," and until she does we aren't going there.

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Zanne said...

Way cute haircuts! The haircuts make them look so grown-up, I agree.