Sunday, March 10, 2013


There has been water running into our yard from the neighbor behind us for two days now. Several other neighbors have knocked to let us know there is water running out of our backyard. I wasn't exactly nice to the last one. I KNOW already!! We had quite the swampy marsh going on. ElCid went to tell the people and they said it wasn't them. Mysteriously enough the water stopped running after he told them and now there are several people in their back yard and there is digging and other things going on. Whatever, not my water bill and hopefully people will stop telling me about my back yard!

Water pouring through a hole in the fence.
Part of the swamp. The water seeped about 18 inches up the wall.
It was about 6 inches deep, and 3 feet wide.
And went the whole length of our yard... 30? feet
It rained on Friday and was a little cold and windy for the rummage sale we took part in at the girl's school but we still made enough money for them to each have $25 to spend on Spring Break!! We sold fabric, baby clothes, books, Bratz, various small toys and some old workbooks.

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Karen Valinda said...

Awesome! The rummage sale NOT the swamp. Unless, of course, Mello always had a secret desire to become a marsh monster because that looks like more than enough mud to do the job! xoxoxox