Saturday, December 8, 2012

When you let your kid get involved in things...

You get involved as well! Today was the Lakes Festival of Lights and Fred had a singing thing for choir, so we took the whole family down for some fun. The car show portion was a favorite with all of the girls and they each picked out a car to drive home. The favorite was a red 2 seater, 3 wheeled motorcycle...tricycle? The weather was gorgeous and Fred wasn't a bit cold in her sleeveless dress. 

Jack-Jack was very interested in the animals at the petting zoo, but I wouldn't let her touch any.
Afterward we went and got our Christmas Tree, Bob Sherwood. Everyone wrote down what they wanted the name to be and Jack-Jack drew one out of a bowl. Fred won.
George found a cat at the Nursery and really wanted to bring it home. When she touched her face without washing her hands later and her eye started swelling up she was reminded why we don't have a cat... But it sure was cute!


Grammy said...

poor little George! I love Bob Sherwood, good job Fred and I would love to hear Jr's and George's suggestions, in case I need one in the future ;-}
Hooray for Jack Jack to be old enough to participate in naming the tree!

An Wanna said...

Good name!