Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Family Pictures

The 6 of us for the first time officially on film!
 Our 4 beautiful babies
 The 21 cousins
 The original 11


Zanne said...

Yay! Awesome family photo. George looks so chic in that sweater dress.

Tiny said...

Your girls all look so cute! Oh yeah- and you and Peter too.

Grammy said...

Beautiful family photo! I agree that George rocks the sweater dress, style and color, Jack Jack is amazing, Junior is eye catching and I Love Fred looking all comfy seated in the foreground, happy and carefree. All three squirrels are riveting in the girly photo but Jack Jack steals it with her puzzled little face! I miss you all very much, xoxoxox

Grammy said...

Jr really looks good in that shade of green!