Sunday, August 5, 2012

I have a blog?!?!

I haven't really forgotten, we're just not doing anything besides avoiding the heat and regular everyday living. *Yawn* Here are pictures to prove it.
Jr. made a Swedish flag out of jelly beans, they are very into the Olympics and have been watching everything. Cycling, track and field, rowing, volleyball, trampoline...everything.
It was HOT, fry an egg on the sidewalk kind of HOT. Luckily that was last month and so far August has been regular hot.
  Look what Moga told me about!! And while I was at WalMart I found them :)
Fred went to Girl's Camp, this was her last minute lunch list. I had to send it to ElCid.
I bought another blender. I swear the death of the last one was not my fault. 
Kathy is going to disown me if I kill this one.
George made a boat out of a push up and some paper. The Dumb Dog couldn't drink his water.
We went to Tai Pan with Kathy and Kafra, it's going out of business in St. George.
There was a fountain, so we had to take a picture.
Tai Pan had beautiful apothecary jars on super clearance. They will eventually be used for Jack-Jack's first birthday (it's going to have a rainbow/candy theme) but before and after that they will live in my kitchen full of cute stuff!!
So that's us for now, so you can wake up, stop drooling on your keyboard, and get back to your much more exciting life!


Zanne said...

Mint M&Ms and you didn't CALL me? Sheesh. Zinx and Cherry love their Ninja. Ged and Klari have one of those Blendtec ones, which are a little more expensive than the Ninja. So, if you break the Ninja...personally I love having a blender that attaches to my Bosch rather than a stand alone, takes up less space.

Grammy said...

I was so happy to read about and see my squirrels I neglected to drool - maybe next time. So glad I did NOT experience those temperatures up close and personal! xoxoxox

An Wanna said...

My food processor is Ninja. I like it. And Luke used it when I lived at Ward's and it didn't break. So that says something...