Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dear Little Miss,

19 years ago I met your Momma. We were 14 and in high school, trying to figure out life, boys, and how to grow up! She quickly became my very best friend and we were inseparable. In fact your Grandma Stoddard called us two halves of the same psyche. We lived together in college, we did each other's hair for our weddings and I know I can always call her for any reason, that's an important friend to have.

As you will learn one day 14 year old girls make fun plans with their BFF's. 

We planned on going to college together, which we did even though your mom scared me with talk of going to RMWC for a while. 

We planned on getting married around the same time. Which didn't happen. I got married and your mom served a mission. She got married 4 years and a week after I did.

We planned on living near each other. Which didn't happen. Vegas and Orem might be close on the global scale but in real life it's a pretty long trip. We never planned on living in Las Vegas or Orem. We always talked about going back to Tacoma after college.

We planned on having babies around the same time so our kids could be friends. Which didn't happen until now. You Little Miss and my sweet Jack-Jack are that dream come true. A silly, late night, sleepover kind of dream but to the 14 year old in me it's an amazing, wonderful dream come true. 

We also planned on naming our kids after each other. I gave Fred your Momma's name 12 years ago because I couldn't think of a better person on Earth to be an example for her. I was absolutely thrilled to find out you will have my name. There are lots of other people you could have been named after but it's an honor that your Momma still picked me.

I'd like to plan now that we will be able to get you and Jack-Jack together once a year or more. I'd like to plan on getting together for special occasions, maybe a joint birthday celebration every summer. I'd like to plan on watching you grow up first hand every once in a while as opposed to just on the computer through pictures. I know these plans are just dreams but every once in a while dreams come true and when they do, it's fabulous.

Yesterday I finished a dress for you, I just really hope it isn't too big. It has very special memories sewn into it. On it are pieces of the dress your Momma and I wore when we were sealed to our husbands. I made this dress full of big dreams for you. Dreams that I hope will also come true one day. 

                                                                                      I love you sweet girl,

p.s. I let Jack-Jack try on your dress, I hope you don't mind too much, I just needed to make sure it looked how I planned. Make sure your Momma gets amazing pictures taken of you in it because I figured out first hand why beaded wedding dresses cost so much!
p.p.s. There is a matching baptism dress you are totally welcome to wear in 8 years.

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DonO said...

Awesome dress Vee, what a good "auntie" you are!