Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Realistic Goals

I've always thought New Year's Resolutions were kind of silly. If you aren't going to do something in October what makes you think you're going to get it done in January? Anyway, I was asked today if I have any New Year's resolutions and I do have one. The tried and true and rarely successful "I'm going to lose weight" I've just tacked "in March and April" on to the end. It's the only thing I can realistically say I'm going to do. 
I can't say -
I'll get more sleep
I will be more organized
I will volunteer more often at my children's school
I won't take on new responsibilites
I will spend less money
I will keep my house cleaned
I will be more patient with my girls
and etc.
I'm not saying those things would be impossible goals just that they aren't realistic for me right now. So here I am sticking with "I am going to lose weight - in March and April"


An Wanna said...

Nice resolution! No losing weight in Feb though, not allowed!

Grammy said...

and no one is going to mention that Jack Jack will be born in March, right?
Actually that is a great goal, keeps you eating healthy and relaxed while pregnant, free to rejoice in your weight loss in the wildness that is a new baby in your home and life ;-}