Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Break!! Winter Break!!

**There is back posting below with more pictures**

The girls are out on Winter Break and getting lots of sleep for the next 2 weeks is totally on my list of things to do. Unfortunately the girls think I am their personal chauffeur and have a long list of places they HAVE to go. And I HAVE to be dressed in something besides pj's to drive them, whatever!

Jack-Jack has been growing like a weed, and more people are figuring out I'm pregnant! I'm never sure how to take it when someone tells me they just figured it out.
She's also making movements that are visible from the outside but she's quite the stinker and her sisters will stare intently at my belly for a few minutes and as soon as they get bored and look away she moves. 

She's kicked ElCid, Fred, and George. Poor Jr. just hasn't been at the right place at the right time. Fred is the most intent on making her kick and has been foiled more than once, it's always a good laugh. She'll put her hand on my left side Jack-Jack kicks right. She puts her hand on my right, she kicks left. Once in utter frustration Fred put her hand on both sides and Jack-Jack kicked straight down. She's usually way down low like the other 3 were. 

All three girls got their report cards and all 3 got straight A's. Jr and George had assemblies for A honor roll. Jr's assembly was also pajama day.

Fred was student of the month, unfortunately I had a Dr. appt at the very same time as the thing at her school, it wasn't a whole assembly, and didn't remind ElCid AGAIN that he needed to go so we were the horrible parents that didn't show. Hopefully next time we do better!!

I'm pretty much ready for our Christmas,
I have a few last minute projects to finish up for Kathy!


AnWanna said...

You should help your girls learn to to Leopolds. That would be fun! Bring them up to visit me and I can teach them! Babies usually move when/after you do this.
Or I guess Katie could teach them...

Kathy said...

How could people still be wondering? You are prominently showing.