Monday, December 26, 2011

Mery Christmas

We had Christmas, how about you?
  Everyone enjoying their stockings
 George got the guitar she's been pining for for two years. Jr. got a video camera.
 Fred got her ipod touch (back)

Disney On Ice!! Thanks Abuelo!!
 The only (seriously AWFUL) picture of me and my present - an iPad :)
ElCid got a Silver tie from Fred, Walkie - Talkies from George and an Angry Birds shirt from Jr. He got an iPhone from me.
Grandma made sure even Jack-Jack wasn't left out!

Christmas was fun, a little bit crazy with meetings and church and other things going on but everyone ended the day happy.


Tami said...

seriously awful!

Anonymous said...

truly nasty picture of you, you don't even resemble that photo!
Cute outfit for Jack Jack, she will be able to use it before the present from her Grammy...:-Þ

Grammy said...

not sure what I hit that made my comment anonymous - I am Grammy NOT anonymous!