Saturday, September 17, 2011

Princess George has a Birthday

September 17th. The day Lucy first started seeing Peter, little did Jack know it was at the L token booth, they didn't really date. Some people will tell you I picked today just for that reason. I didn't really. 

My appointment just happened to be on that day and I felt like crap. I looked like crap. My Dr. did give me the option of being locked in a hospital bed for 1 or 2 more days or I could just go ahead and have a baby that day. So because of the previously mentioned reason and that I felt like crap and looked like crap I had a baby that day.

I was wheeled straight from the Dr. office down the hall to the maternity wing. ElCid got a phone call and came over to meet me. After I got checked in we were told that we'd be waiting awhile for the OR because I'd had breakfast that day and they'd rather not have me battling puking along with shock and a very tender abdominal incision.  That worked for me so I sent ElCid to find food and wasn't too worried that his cell phone was about to die. About a half hour after ElCid left the Dr. reappeared and announced we'd be getting the show going sooner than expected. I freaked out, which I'm sure was awesome for my blood pressure. I was very adamant that I COULD NOT have a baby without ElCid and was reassured that wouldn't happen. As I was being prepped the Dr. asked what her name would be, I replied that was up to ElCid so he'd better hurry! Miraculously he arrived just as they were about to wheel me out of the room, they threw an OR gown, hat and booties his direction. Upon our arrival in the OR the Dr. asked ElCid what her name would be and ElCid said Georgeanna but we'll call her George and 15 minutes later at 6:45 Princess George graced the world with her presence and all was finally right in the universe.

George has shown all of us that just because she's 3rd in line doesn't mean that we've seen everything yet. With her darling face and very particular (demanding) personality she has blazed her own trail right around our little fingers and into our hearts. A writer, dancer, artist, and great student, George is very well rounded. She has many friends and loves to be adored by everyone around her, just don't look at her too much, or touch her unless you've been given permission.

We love our Little George and are blessed to have her in our family!


Zanne said...

Happy Birthday George!

AnWanna said...

I did try to call but she was golfing. Then I got busy pretending to unpack and going to Lewiston!

Karen Valinda said...

How unfair to the teeming masses waiting to adore her! (The admonition not to look at her too much)
She has a "presence" that is engaging and yet regal, Perfection ;-}

Safire said...

Happy Birthday (a little late...sorry) to George!!