Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Vacation

I really think 3 months of summer vacation is overrated. I like not driving carpool. I like not caring that people aren't really dressed. I like being able to work from 6pm to midnight and not having to get up and get going at 7 am. 

I have lots of things for my kids to do they just don't want to do them. They want to fight and bicker and tattle. I am a BIG wimp and can't handle the heat, so we stay trapped inside most days. So why do I live in Vegas? Because it's where the job is, that pays the bills, and ElCid refuses to look for a job and move to where I want to live so unless I get a killer job in the Pacific Northwest, I'm stuck.

We've been to St. George and we went camping for Bubba's birthday. We went to the Froggy Slide pool. They've been to the library and have lots of "new" books. They have a whole cabinet full of craft supplies. I try to do something with them everyday and they still have dance/voice/piano.

We haven't even made it through a whole month yet and I'm already dreaming of back to school shopping, and not just because I like shopping. 

I think they're having fun playing with each other, most of the time, and we have other fun plans for later in the summer, once I stop working for the show, which is next Friday. I just have to get that far in my life ... and right now that seems a very long way off.


Karen Valinda said...

Very long way! xoxoxox

Janell said...

I see your fighting, bickering and tattling and raise you hitting, biting, scratching and hair pulling.

An Wanna said...


creeks wife said...

I guess I am still just a kid at heart because I LOVE summer vacation.

Susan said...

Remember its WINTER now. It's too hot (and probably unsafe) to be outside all day.

I agree, hunker down and have them read lots of books. Do you have an indoor ice rink?

Karen Valinda said...

I dislike summer vacation 'cause Ddonn stays too busy to post!