Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Fred,

11 years ago we started this amazing journey that has turned my world upside down and inside out. You have taught me so much patience, and love, and understanding. I know we don't always get along but I try to keep in mind part of the blessing your daddy gave you all those years ago, "You and your mother will be great friends" I know it's most important to be your mom and guide you through the world as best as I can but with that little bit of blessing reminding me to stop and listen to what you want and letting you get your way, sometimes. 

As you know the thought of you going on to middle school scares me to no end! Older classmates, bigger school, farther away from me and I won't even be able to wander down the hall and peek in on your classroom! I know you will do fine, and if there are problems let me know, we'll talk about things and figure them out. School is going to get harder you won't always know what to do but if you rely on the Holy Ghost and me and dad you will get through it!

I am so proud of you all grown up and taking on the world but remember I am your mom, it's my job to make your life miserable, and part of me will always see you as my sweet baby and it will be hard for me to let you go out on your own and make decisions by yourself. 
I love you Fred, don't ever forget that, Happy Birthday Princess!!


Kathy said...

We love Fred! And I remember that tiny baby, too. So cute and sweet. Of course, she still is.

Karen Valinda said...

Memories of singing every Primary song I could remember so your new little self would be quiet while Mommy and Daddy got a couple hours of sleep in the wee hours (11pm-2am), that was a long week and a half but I would not trade a minute of it - not for ANYTHING!

Choir Director said...

Yeah Fred! Happy birthday!