Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - It's like Confetti !!



Karen Valinda said...

Fun was had by all ;-}
They all look so happy and carefree! I remember leaves with my siblings and leaves with you kids. I also remember mailing you a box of leaves when you didn't have a tree *-^
Mellow looks well loved and cared for, maybe chubbier than when I saw him last? Or is he just fluffy in these shots?

Karen Valinda said...

Hey! George CAN look like you, at least in pictures. righthand column, picture #8 and the one where there is only one column (Not Mellow) I always saw ElCid's sisters when I saw pictures of her...beautiful but not "us" ;-} Just sayin'

AnWanna said...

Cool! I like leaves. When are you going to post pics of blonde AnTami? We need more proof your children have other relatives too!

Tami said...

it IS like confetti. is that all from your tree? i didn't realize that it would shed so much. I wanna play! Matey does too!