Thursday, December 23, 2010

One more down... one more to go...

On the costume blog you can see George's last Christmas present. I'm done with everything now, a full 24 hours in advance!!!!
Oh! wait, except for Fred's Christmas Eve present. Traditionally it's been pj's from ElCid's parents but this year we left their house on Thanksgiving before they were handed out and I don't have them to give. I just figured this out a few days ago. I have something random for George and Jr but Fred is getting a main present and all her other presents go with it. The girls are getting something else from ElCid's parents Christmas morning but once again, Fred can't open that present tomorrow night - urgh! I've had a few other  ideas to fill in the gap for not too much money but the few stores I've been willing to step into haven't been helpful and the lines everywhere are enough to make me run for cover! I have 20 hours to figure this out! Any grand ideas??

1 comment:

Karen Valinda said...

a gift certificate
for something she wants or uses often
a ride to Zanne's house with 12 hours notice... oh wait, that'd be you Not Fred ;-}