Monday, November 1, 2010

This was Halloween!

After a week of celebrating I'm pretty happy to see Nov. show up! Harvest Festival, Girl Scout Trunk or Treat, Nevada Day Celebrations (aka Classroom Halloween Parties), Pumpkin Carving Contest, King's Faire and Church Trunk or Treat all packed into 9 days is quite a way to end the month! Here are the pictures of all the fun we had.


Karen Valinda said...

I love Fred with long blonde hair!!!
I love JR's 'jazzy' outfit!!!
I love George but the lips will take a while to get used to, altho' her dress IS divine!!!
Yay beautiful squirrels!

ps, you might want to be careful who you let hang out in front of the garage :-o

An Wanna said...

You would think a child with a mom who makes costumes for a living wouldn't have to re-wear an outfit. tsk tsk you are slacking! Speaking of different outfits how many did Fred have??? With the blonde hair Fred looks more like you than I think she normally does which is weird cuz you don't have blonde hair....

Emily said...

It sounds like you had a fun week!