Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I take it back!

Jessica has a Tuesday theme, what's on her phone. So here's what's on my phone -

Our school is getting a 20 year face lift, they put up a folding wall to keep us all out.

My serger attacked my laptop, maybe that's why the laptop is on strike now.

My family needs this!

Jr. likes to draw on my phone while we wait at various places,
usually Aunt Kathy or ElCid get the pictures in a message

Jr went to a friend's house and had a blast drawing on the sidewalk, she said we ought to get chalk for our house, when I said we'd had chalk before but they let it get ruined outside she objected that wasn't her, it was her sisters!

Most pre-teens avoid the glasses and frizzy hair look, Fred, well she seems to go after it. All she needs are braces and more zits and she'd totally be one of those "before" pictures!

And that is what's on my phone.


Karen Valinda said...

Hard to believe that George's sweet little face didn't find its way onto your camera!!!
Did you send your serger to obedience school?
I love your pictures, I truly DO
;-} xoxoxox

HunDuddle Hussy said...

LOVE fred's look. own it girl!!

what happened to the laptop?!?! was it a real fight?!

thanks for playing today!! come again!