Saturday, November 6, 2010

Girl Scouts

Friday Nights is Girl Scouts. They have been going for a month or so and enjoy hanging out with their friends. Fred doesn't go, it's just Brownies and Daises.

They had investiture on Friday night and they were officially welcomed and given their pins and patches.

After cake and juice boxes they made sit-upons to keep their bums clean if they ever go camping, I'm sure you know what came next "Mom when are we going camping?"


Karen Valinda said...

I was in Girl Scouts! from Brownies to whatever 11 yr olds are (junior girl scout keeps popping up in my memory) but when we came home from Turkey the summer I turned 12 I started Young Womens (MIA) and had no time left for Girl Scouts. Plenty of badges to earn as a Beehive back then! I remember all the songs! I could be a resource here...
(of ancient scouting ;-)
Hooray for JR and George!!! and Mommy
Anecdote: When Abuelo's sister was old enough for girl scouts Grammy Aldine signed her up. We were there and she told me about the event finishing with "...I signed her up and paid all the fees and Those People wanted me to sign up to be a Leader as well! I paid my money!" I tried Not to laugh as I assured her the Girl Scouts were Always looking for good people to work with the girls so it was actually a compliment. My mom was a Brownie leader ;-}
wv: infixa

Karen Valinda said...

I made a sit upon!
wv: publanco - white doggy doo, means your puppy ate something that disagreed with his system...