Monday, October 25, 2010

Picture Day!

The pictures came home today and as always they look super cute!
The scanner must have some smears on it because the actual pictures, don't.
No, Fred did not get glasses and I didn't tell you, they're fake, she's had them for years, she'll wear them off and on and I asked her not to wear them for the picture, because of possible glare issues. Her teacher reassured her they would make sure there was no nice of her to help out my kid.
I love this picture of Jr. and her sleepy left eye. It is such a piece of her. She insisted on the shirt and the hair style and who am I to argue, the Mom and the person PAYING for the picture? Nonsense!
George looks so much more grown up in this picture than she did last year, finally old enough to be in all day school! I was leery of the hairbow but it doesn't look bad.

When did I lose control of the people??


Tine said...

you never HAD control- thats the delusion!

I like Fred's hair at that length, and the glasses make her look older. Jr. is so way old enough to be picking her own hair and clothing, if you don't like it don't pay for the picture. I like Georges little half grin.

They are all so cute, I can't wait until Matey has school pictures.

Kathy said...

One day, you will look back and laugh-as you shake your head. I laughed my bum off at the fake glasses. She will be mortified that you "let" her do that one day.

Safire said...

They all look beautiful! And really? You had control? How do I get some of that?!

An Wanna said...

So cute! And I think the only way to have control of the people is if they are the "people" like on Madagascar and you don't want that! You would be all distolit (wv) if you had those kind of people.

"Not a very lively bunch...."

Karen Valinda said...

after suffering 46 years with glasses I had a fit when I saw Fred! I told Brent, "She thinks those are 'fashion'" his response "They ARE 'fashion' and she looks great!" She does look great even with 4 eyes, it is just my years of sneaking my glasses OFF for pictures rearing their ugly heads!!!
JR and George both look precious... and George has matured, absolutely.
Good job ElCid and Ddonn! My squirrels are divine and you two get the credit ;-} (although the preceding generations DID do some contributing to the cause, just sayin...

Hillary said...

OK - so I swear I have pictures of Katie and Heidi that look just like Fred & JR. George has the Emily look in this one. Love it. I love school pictures. They are such a fun way to document the rite of passage that is elementary school :)

Katie Gubler said...

Can I say that wearing glasses for pictures is only fun when you don't need them???? Lasik is awesome and I'm so grateful for that particular surgical procedure :) Your girls are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

Beki said...

Awwwwwww, I am so excited to see you all in 7 weeks!!!

Emily said...

I wish fake glasses would have been in style when I was in elementary school. When one of my best friends got glasses in 3rd grade, I faked an eye exam so I could get some and look cool like her. I had no idea how the optometrist saw through me:). I also permed my hair because I didn't like it straight. Katie's right--I guess we tend to like things we don't have.