Saturday, September 4, 2010

Like Ham and Pineapple

12 years ago today ElCid and I decided we were an item, to quote him "like ham and pineapple". I love that our official courtship overlaps my birthday, and the holiday season.

Our first date (Sept. 4th) was a group date to Applebees and the Pink Floyd laser light show at Hansen Planetarium. I still have the 3D glasses from that night. :)

It's been an amazing 12 years and we've accomplished a lot, had 3 kids, moved 4 times, bought 2 houses, bought 4 cars, made 2 major career changes (one for each of us), and have had many fun dates since that first one.

I'm so glad he didn't run away from that random curly haired girl that filled in his survey that he was engaged to her and they'd be getting married someday.

I wouldn't have missed all this for the world, because really he is my whole world. Happy anniversary Handsome Man of mine!


Karen Valinda said...

I love first date anniversaries!!!
El Cid IS amazing, and that comes from his mother-in-law in all sincerity and gratitude xoxoxox

The squirrels are also amazing

Most amazing is Ddonn ;-} who was on top of things and filled in that survey...
poor boy never had a chance


Zanne said...

Congrats! I remember you coming home REALLY happy and glowy after that first date. You're a great couple and great parents. <3

Kathy said...

Nobody is surprised that you have 3D glasses from that night because you still have a candy cane from high school!
Good thing you liked the ham and pineapple analogy, because if he was referring to pizza, they really don't go together. I'm just sayin'