Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Kathy!

12 years ago, almost, I met my Handsome Man and 2 months later we were in St. George getting our engagement pictures taken and I met ElCid's little brother's girlfriend, she was nice and kind of quiet and I wasn't sure how we'd get along, you know with me being so grown up and mature and all... 3 days after ElCid and I got married John and Kathy decided to steal our thunder and get engaged. Then they decided to ruin M's 17th? 15th? birthday and get married that day. Besides the obvious attention stealing tactics she displayed in the early days of me knowing her we got along after I broke the ice with a few nosy and intrusive questions.

Kathy has been my partner in crime many times over, no really we've shoplifted several times together, once we got to the car and have discovered the stolen Popsicles, seat belt adjuster, or other various items we took them right back inside.

She has stayed up until 3 AM with me making pinatas, has talked to me for thousands of minutes about nothing and has cleaned my house repeatedly and kept me company while I was bed rested. Kathy would do nearly anything for me and has even slightly forgiven me for not stopping ElCid from getting the girls Mellow.

I'm so very happy John has such great taste in girls, the last 12 years would have been awful without her!


Kathy said...

Slightly. VERY slightly.

Um,just because you decided to steal my thunder by only dating for 2 days before getting engaged when I had clearly already marked my territory by several years does not mean you can say I stole yours. Psht. Whatever!

And I specifically remember you NOT taking the seat belt adjuster back inside that time. So, there! You criminal, you.

Karen Valinda said...

Well, I think you need a better trained partner in crime there, Ddonn
but we LOVE aunt Kathy!
ha ha! the wv is ingrate !

Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I met Aunt Kathy was when they stayed at our house for the wedding & she was the girl that didn't match everyone else. We will pretend I am talking about looks in order to not offend any of ElCid's family.