Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today was FINALLY the dance recital. Jr. & George were Fabulous!!

Sweet George fell asleep on the way to the theater, she is so precious,
and check out those eyelashes!
George is in ballet and danced in an Alice in Wonderland dance and was SO completely cute. She loves her flower headband and keeps telling me how cute she was, she also gave me a play by play of the whole dance, in case I missed something. ElCid loved her costume and the dance, he is all for her continuing ballet until she's 32, I'm sure Susan is in full agreement.

Jr. is in Jazz and she danced a Can-Can. Elcid became leery of the whole costume/dance scenario when I was explaining what all the pieces of her costume were and I said "The garter goes on her right thigh." The hot pink and black dress with all the ruffles already had him raising an eyebrow, the garter, black fishnets and feathered headband did him in. She had a blast dancing and was beaming when we got her at the end of the 2+ hour recital. I tried to take pictures of her like I did George and should have realized, after seeing her practice in class 20 times, that I was going to have to take a video of her because she never stands still :)

Fortunately? Unfortunately? You miss ElCid's least favorite part of the dance where she turns her back to the audience and flips up her skirt. None of it bothered me, then again this was the 21st time I was watching it, and I thought the back flip of the skirt was just cute. No, Mom I wouldn't have an issue if she would have done the same dance as a 17 year old. I always knew Jr would eventually have to move on to another dance form as Jazz tends to have the potential to be more racy than lets say ballet but it's what she loves. ElCid liked the lyrical dance at the recital so I'm going to have to see about convincing her it's time for a switch.

Camp was fun and I survived the never ending dust that I literally ate and breathed for 4 days. I get tomorrow to recover and then on Monday I go back to Damn Yankees!


Karen Valinda said...

Beautiful pictures! What amazing girls you have!! You DID listen!!! All those "It may be cute now but how will you feel when they are older?" speeches made it into your memory ;-}
I am SO glad you survived, dust and all xoxoxox

Kathy said...

Scandalous dancing and a swear word all in one blog post? Aren't you the EQ President's wife?

For real though, your daughters are amazing and gorgeous and pretty good dancers.

Super Happy Girl said...

She is so PRECIOUS!!
I think I just died of cute.

They are all cute. Dang girl.