Friday, July 2, 2010

The Proof is in the Pictures

Toilets are fun at my house - until the Mommy says no!

Who is this man with that stuff on his face?

George thinks he's a pretty great toy, most of the time :)
That darn gate keeps more than the puppy out of the hall but Matey is determined to get through.

We borrowed My Extra Kid's pool today - he and his mom are at Big Bear for this month so they weren't able to join in our fun. Geoge is braver this year and covered in floatation devices feels brave enough to swim on her own. Jr. was practicing with the snorkel for when she's a marine biologist and Fred had fun swimming around an splashing us all with her cannonballs and the water guns I bought for pool fun this year.

I made spicy ranch to go with dinner, the girls won't touch it but Matey was drinking it by the spoonful!

Tomorrow we make the trek to St. George for Baby Kohen's blessing on Sunday, Matey doesn't like car trips, we might just have a Fred flashback. Once we get there there will be several other kids about his same age to play with this could get interesting - wish us luck!

1 comment:

Karen Valinda said...

He did pretty well all things considered and St George is a shorter trip than his last one.
Plus he will have the squirrels to entertain him ;-}
THANK YOU for the pictures Ddonn