Monday, March 1, 2010

What's new at our house

"The year with no microwave" experiment has come to an end. I did NOT want a counter top microwave but scraping together $300 and actually getting to use it on a microwave instead of some other bill was just getting ridiculous.

I have flowers growing in my ... flower box! (Flower box is a very loose term for the brick half circle full of dirt in front of the house.) Every year on Valentines when ElCid gives me daffodils I plant them in the flower box. They haven't ever grown but some did this year!

One year I bought some bulbs as a fundraiser.
They all grow green most years but only the bluebells grow flowers.

Dumb Dog ... uhm Mellow, has learned to jump up on my red couch! So NOT cool or amusing or funny contrary to popular belief around my house!

Awesome, nasty dog drool on my couch!


An Wanna said...

This is why you should never marry people who like dogs. They is icky. We like sweet precious cats who are always kind and never pee on all items belonging to Moga.

Zanne said...

Congratulations on getting daffodils to grow!

Little dogs are more likely to want to be on the couch I bet. Big dogs can only get their paws on the couch, much easier to shove them off and train them not to do that. (I have met some mean cats - like the 20 pounder Sue had for a short time. When that thing pounced on you, it hurt! And they smell - "Whale biologist. I call 'em like I see 'em")

Kathy said...

I don't understand anyone wanting any beast that sheds hair everywhere inside their house. Gross, gross, and triple gross!

Karen Valinda said...

would a bib help?

wv:ficesses NOT EVEN going THERE

Safire said...

Try a spray bottle with water in it? Every time he's on the couch, say "Off!" and spritz him with the water. He'll leave and get the idea pretty quick.

The Lowe Family said...

u should see MY budget microwave. it'll make u feel super fancy.