Friday, March 26, 2010

Please leave a message...

Hello! I'm not here right now I'm off on vacation with my kids until April 1st.

Please don't rob my house as there is really nothing of value in it and it would just leave me a huge mess to clean up. Besides Mellow & ElCid are there and they are dangerous.

I will be checking my emails and reading facebook so if you have urgent gossip - err uhm news - find me there.

Have a great week!


Safire said...

Have a great trip!

Karen Valinda said...

"I'm in your house, doing your laundry"
"I'm in your kitchen, running your dishwasher"
"I'm in your living room, matching your socks"
Really I'm stuck in my office working for Spring Break - but I would love for the above statements to be true ! ! !
Have fun and kiss Uncle Jack for me
wv: rummi - followed by a picture of Capt. Jack Sparrow, eh?