Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines in Vegas

I was awakened this morning bright and early (we have 11 o clock church so I should get to sleep) by my sweet little Jr. I sent her to play with her present (a stuffed dog she really liked from JoAnn, a $1 LPS craft I picked up somewhere and the new LPS collector Journal) on the table in hopes of getting a little bit more sleep. No dice. Fred and George were both up and ready to celebrate not much later. Fred got a book, a different craft and a collector journal, George got a yellow Zhu Zhu pet, a different craft and a collector journal.

Fred brought ElCid and I cereal in bed and Jr brought in the letter she wrote us in school. The girls went back out to play with their presents and I gave ElCid his present (not that - our kids were up!)

I got him candies, sodas, and some coveralls for when he works on his car. I guessed a size too big but he likes the fit so we'll keep them. I think they need his name on them so the next time we go to St. George I'll take them along and get his mom to put ElCid on the front and the back is also very plain so I'm going to design a logo and send it to my dad to make a heavy duty iron on out of it and put that on the back. It's going to say ElCid's Monster Miata team. It will be cool. It will also be May before I get around to it.

ElCid got me the new Wii fit game, some Diet Coke (the "why bother" ;) version no sugar and no caffeine) and Daffodils. Such a good guy! I haven't got the chance to play the game yet but Kathy and Shayni say it's really fun.

I made waffle sundaes for breakfast, waffles with ice cream, pie filling (cherry or apple), whip topping and chocolate syrup or a dusting of cinnamon depending on your fruit filling.

The girls looked super cute in their fun outfits and I used the curlformers in George's hair. I don't know if it's because I watched it happen or because her hair is finer but it seemed that the curls fell loose faster. It was plenty curly when it was time to go to church they just were more relaxed than when I took out the curlers, also not a bad thing.

Dinner is in the crockpot and the kids are playing happily, I think I might just have an hour to relax!!


Linda said...

That better be the caffeine-free kind!

Linda said...

Oh, yeah and that was me, Kathy

The Lowe Family said...

ur WAY too fast of a blogger. i'm so behind i still haven't blogged about my fav friend's bday party like two weeks ago!!!!

An Wanna said...

I didn't get any presents. *pouts*

Karen Valinda said...

An Wanna misled you... I stopped using the kitchen trash bags she hates and put in one of them expensive, drawstring, flexbags, which I showed her before she left for church!
OK, so compared to your house...

Safire said...

Now this sounds like a nice day. Better than mine. :)

What Wii game was it?