Friday, January 29, 2010


55 pizza purchased - 53 were eaten.

4 - 36 packs of soda were purchased - 2 were sold.

Candy was sold for .25 & .75 - I think over half was sold.

20 prizes were available - 16 were given away.

200+ people had a good time - yay!

No angry Mommies shouted at me - success!

Going to bed at 10pm on a Friday - that's the way I roll.


Karen Valinda said...

Is that 436 packs of soda or 4 packs of soda with 36cans per pack? I am thinking you must mean the latter but where does one find a pack of soda with 36 cans in it? I am glad you went to bed happy at 10 pm on a Friday!!!
I lost my phone yesterday afternoon and the alarm is set for 0540, but it is on vibrate due to being at the surgery center... so I am up hoping to hear it
IT WORKED ! ! ! The alarm plays "Fur Elise" even when the phone is set on vibrate ;-} It was on the floor at the head of Brent's bed and I WAS THERE to hear it ! ! !
Good night Ddonn xoxoxox

An Wanna said...

I was thinking/hoping you meant 43 - 6 packs. Either way it sounds like you have lots of leftover soda.

Kathy said...

You can buy 36 packs at Sam's Club.

Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all. Too bad I don't live closer. I would have come and eaten some pizza.

Linda said...

I'm extremely impressed! You're amazing!

Karen Valinda said...

Aunt Kathy and I could have split that last pizza ! ;-}

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, I totally love your blog, and I REALLY wanna win the give away!

An Wanna said...

So it's your week for give-uh-ways you should post something new for us to comment on. Also I wanted to mention that Jessica says the winner can have the jumper in the size of their liking. If someone like me wins you could be in trouble you should have her fix that.

Oh & you are very talented and I hope to someday be able to sew even 1/4 as well as you do. I may have graduated from hot glue & staples but I still don't work a sewing machine well!