Thursday, December 3, 2009

Work Break!

I promised the girls they could all take a crack at my Anniversary /Christmas present. Yes, all that will be waiting for me under the tree is empty boxes. Yes, I SO would have eaten that marshmallow. Back to our fun time, we spent about an hour playing and each of them got to pick what they wanted to make.

Fred's snowman card & reindeer charm

Jr's owl card and envelope

George's card
Aren't they totally awesome!?!? I have 6 cartridges including the one that came with the Cricut, Hello Kitty, Wild Cards, Doodle Charms, Ashlyn's Alphabet, George and Basic Shapes (came with it) and Walk in my Garden. What other cartridges can I not live without? I hear ebay is a great place to buy them for presents. :)


An Wanna said...

Before Tam sold hers she was talking about wanting the mini-monograms cartridge.

Valinda said...

We don't discuss Tam selling hers ...

Karen Valinda said...

I thought you were going to follow the "What other cartridges can I not live without?" with a list... Old people need direction with their gift procurement!!! Why do you think people send Santa a list???

A Kinder Teacher said...

I use Alphalicious for vinyl phrases and my bulletin boards. Really cute!