Sunday, December 6, 2009

O Christmas Tree

We went and got "Hot Chocolate Peppermint" yesterday
but didn't get to decorating until today.

The girls love pulling out their ornaments and discussing what year they got them and how great they all are.

Decorating pics (for Hillary)
Our Nativity Ornament for this year

We have a bison print from Yellowstone but it seems to have walked away ...

Fred's Fairy Ornament set

(picture to come)

Jr's latest addition to her Ariel collection

George picked a Nutcracker Snowflake ornament,
it twirls and sings

I love that no matter how old my kids get putting up "The Guys" Nativity is still a coveted job! Don't worry my Mom is making a stocking for Marshmallow.

The Monkeys, and Marshmallow admiring the tree


Kathy said...

We have the exact same nativity ornament for this year! Fun, huh?

Hillary said...

Yippee for Christmas! Love love love the decorating job. Beautiful

Grammy said...

Marshmellow, keep reminding me I am doing a blue, navy, white stocking as well as the 8 red, green, white ones that are 'in progress'. Have to find the navy yarn, the white and pale blue are out, AnWanna has been using them :-o

BEAUTIFUL job on hot chocolate peppermint girls. Our poor tree is still naked, put the marquee lights on the windows around it but so far Bishonan is just in his stand on AnWanna's red 'Target' circle throw rug... red rug, green stand, we're on our way!

An Wanna said...

Hot chocolate peppermint? Did you name your tree? Cuz that name is kinda ummm different than what your children normally come up with. Cute but different. I'm thinking of Bert or Bird and all the others over the years....

Has marshmallow peed on your tree yet?

Tami said...

your tree is SO cute! the girls do a great job- they should come help with ours cuz he's still naked!