Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where's Fred? - Updated

Fred is gone to Sea Camp at the Catalina Island Marine Institute. The 4th & 5th grade GATE students get to go on a trip every year, usually it's Astro Camp but this year it's Sea Camp. She left early yesterday and will be back about 8:30 tomorrow night. Once she gets back I'll have her post about her adventure!

Fred has the "kid phone" with her it is an LG enV2 so it has a full keyboard for her to text with. The kid phone belongs to me (kind of like the 2 DS) but goes with them to places like art & dance class, friend's houses, things like that where they shouldn't need a phone but if they do they can reach me.

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Willis Party of 6 said...

How fun!!!!!

And I love your new family pic on the sidebar:) Great color selection!