Friday, November 20, 2009

This certainly didn't happen because of all the great acting.

Okay I was there but seriously to make these kinds of numbers it certainly took a lot of people without ______________ (fill in the blank) and I'm kind of ... sad to say I was one of them, I've never been one to follow the crowd!

I even moved the article here so you don't have to click ...

New Moon Breaks Harry Potter & Dark Knight

Let the games begin! The Twilight Saga: New Moon was hand delivered to eager fans last night at 12:01am. Hundreds of thousands of Twilight fans came out to support the midnight opening of the film, helping the movie break one of the hardest records ever set in cinematic history. All the hard work is done; the press tour wrapped in NYC last night and all the actors and Summit Entertainment have to do is sit back and count their cash as it comes pouring in. Do you think you can guess how much New Moon made last night on opening night?

Whenever one talks about major box office weekends Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince and The Dark Knight come up. These two films are the ones to beat and reports are coming in saying The Twilight Saga: New Moon beat those records last night. On July 18, 2008, The Dark Knight opened, setting an all new midnight record at $18.4M and just this past July 15th, Harry Potter opened to an astonishing $22.2M. The bar has been set pretty high, but many studios feel that New Moon surpassed those numbers last night when it opened to 3,514 theaters.

The magic number that is being thrown around today is $23M-$24M. Hollywood guru Nikki Finke updated fans on, "Rival studios are telling me this morning that Summit Entertainment's New Moon debuted with $23M-$24M in 12:01AM screenings." If this is true, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Launter have helped Summit Entertainment break all records and landed the number one spot on opening night. Guess the Holy Trinity is in for big time bonuses, huh? Stick around this weekend as we track New Moon at the box office and see what other records Summit's prodigy can break. How many times are you planning on seeing New Moon this weekend?

Update: Summit Entertainment just announced its New Moon debuted with $26.27M in 12:01AM screenings from 3,514 theaters.


Wow, a lot of 13 yr olds were tired today!


Safire said...

I just got back from the movie and you're right...the acting was pretty terrible. But I thought it better than the first one!

Hillary said...

Ditto. But it was fun to go with my girlfriends anyway :)

An Wanna said...

That girl on the far right of the picture is quite unattractive...