Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jr's Baptism

Yesterday our Little Lovie officially became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She looked so pretty in her dresses, and just beamed all day long. I was baptized Nov. 3rd, I think. Fred was in May like the 5th. Jr. will never forget the day she was baptized!

After the baptism we came back to the house and had lunch. Hill announced she is going to start harassing us for pictures for the calendar and warned as she snapped pictures "Smile you might just be in the family calendar!"
Auntie Kathy gave the Holy Ghost Talk

Auntie Kymn (who gave the baptism talk) & Lala

Kafra & Lovie

Lala hard at work!

Poor O3 was wore out from all the fun ;)
Most of Elcid's Family made it. Hi-D begged out with the "my baby is due in 6 weeks" excuse and Em missed with the "my husband is in law school and can't miss a minute of it" excuse. ;) Jims and Mindy surprised us all by making the trek from the frigid north and it was great to see them! Great Uncle Wendell also made it out.

Several of Jr's friends made it to the baptism, Miss Jen came with Katie and Luke, Barbie & Ken made it and so did Sister Clow (her 1st grade teacher) and Baby Nixin.

My Mom represented for my family. My Dad planned to come but Abuelita got super sick so he had to stay home. :(

It was a great day and Jr. felt very loved. Thanks to everyone who came and we missed everyone who was too far away to make it!


An Wanna said...

Congrats Jr! Sorry I couldn't make it. Tell your mom if she moves closer to us then more of our family can come to stuff. =)

Anonymous said...

Maybe her family ought to realize when people are going to be certain ages and save up for those special occasions they can see coming from years away.

Safire said...

Congrats to her! She looks so beautiful!

Kathy said...

She looks so pretty! I remember that dress fitting Fred a little differently :) Congrats! So glad we could make it.

Heidi said...

Congratulations JR! We are so EXCITED for you! Wish we could have been there! We sure do love you! You looked beautiful!

Emily said...

Great pictures! I wish I could have been there. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Jr's special day.

The Lowe Family said...

what a beautie!!! and her dress is so pretty :) i love it! ur so talented but i say that all the time so whatever. congrats little middle child sweet heart :)