Friday, November 27, 2009

Family Day

Shopping was okay this year. I went to Micheal's yesterday and bought 5 Cricut Cartridges. I looked them up online, I don't have it yet, I ordered it on at midnight. that store is crazy on Black Friday and I figured the $9 for shipping was worth not fighting the crowd. My Extra Kid's mom and I did fight the line at Old Navy. We were both VERY grateful I had Made of Honor on my ipod. We watched nearly the whole movie while we waited! We hit Disney Store, then Old Navy, Target, Toys R Us and Macy's. We left just before 2 and I got home at 8:30. After shopping this morning I took a nap. Then we had lunch and took the girls to the park.

I'm sure you can tell we rode our bikes to the park. That adventure is actually getting slightly less stressful than it used to be, until George rides her own bike then I'm sure all the drama will begin again.

We arrived home and Fred & Jr still wanted to ride bikes so we put Mallow on the leash (he's being trained not to freak out when it's clipped on his collar, which he also hates) and watched them ride on the street.

Our one sad tree in the front yard has dropped most of it's leaves and they decided to build a leaf pile while ElCid put the lights on the house. After the pile was built it was time to jump in!

Fred was a little nervous to go first

but once she'd done it, it was hard to get her to give her sisters a turn.

Jr. had to be coaxed out of the tree by ElCid the first time
but after that there was no stopping her!

Georgie didn't sit on the branch and jump she just hung on then let go. She liked to roll around in them and throw them best!

They even convinced me to take a turn.

And I convinced ElCid once he was done with the lights to take a turn.

After all the fun we came in to watch Muppet Christmas Carol, I had to buy a new copy at Toys R Us our VCR tried to eat the VHS copy we have yesterday. We had hot cocoa and popcorn with our movie.

What did you do as a family today?


Karen Valinda said...

We bought Bishonan Purple at the store next to Great Harvest Bread Co on Fairview. (that would be our tree... Brent chose it, Le gave it its first name... she disputes Purple as an effort on Jon's part to take over the universe and claims the rest of his name is to be determined.
We also made lumpia from leftover thanksgiving food, with awesome cranberry dipping sauce courtesy of AnWanna.

An Wanna said...

His name is not purple! Naming trees is a democratic process or everyone gets to choose one name so we either have to vote on purple or he gets 3 more names... Yeesh even V's girls understand how this works....

tine said...

jr was "coaxed" or pushed?

Me said...

I'm just surprised the tree had that many leaves.

El Cid said...

Hey, I was at the park too!

The Lowe Family said...

i need to start being more fun with the kids like u. i used to be. i promise. something happened to me. what was it?