Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Poor Middle Child

I was kind of a middle child, I was also kind of an oldest child too so I blame all sorts of things on my birth order.

My poor middle child is very much a middle. She wants to be older and she wants to be younger, she wants more attention, she wants to be part of the group, she doesn't want to be bossed, and this week she has been left by the wayside.

I had a beautiful plan to make a pretty invitation for her baptism like I did for Fred but I got sick and then Harvest Festival attacked. Now all the stuff it on my other computer. I had big plans to put beautiful pictures on the invitation and they're here on my blog so I still have those.

Here are the pictures of My Little Lovie.

And her beautiful invitation was basically going to say ...

Little Lovie

is being Baptised a member of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
on Halloween (October 31st)
at Noon in the Church Building she goes to
We would love for everyone to come!

So for the sake of my poor neglected middle child if you can make it, that would be awesome :)


Hillary said...

We can't wait to come! We love your middle child. Aunt Hillary is the middle too ...

An Wanna said...

Poor sad middle child. I completely understand! Sadly I don't have any money....

Karen Valinda said...

I will be there... although as an oldest child I was always the bossy one... :-o what!?!?

Linda said...

As a middle child, I understand! Love you Lindsay